Once in your lifetime, your looks will concern you. The opinion of your friends and family will be a matter of interest. If your shape is not attractive, chances are your partner will begin to recommend that you work to reduce your weight. One does not have to be obese to go for the HCG diet. Rather, it should interest everyone. Follow me as I unravel the life that one lives before and after they take part in the HCG diet.

Life before

Before you begin to rely on the HCG diet protocol, you will always be taking sugar. Your breakfast will never lack a tablespoonful of sugar or more. Additionally, you take juices, cakes, bread and eggs among other things for breakfast. When it gets to lunch, you can go for fruit juice, fried chicken and French fries. When it is dinner time, you can take vegetables, soup, wine and a considerable amount of carbohydrates. Between your meals, snacks will always be your portion. Above all, it is expected that your water or fluid intake is below one liter each day.

Generally, your body will be full of fats. Alternatively, your chest, stomach and pelvic region will appear to be united. Often, your thighs will be on the same line with your waistline. Whether skinny of well-built, these are observations that can always be traced. It is obvious that you will be fatigued quite easily and you will be dull for the greater part of the day. Normally, your weight will be beyond what you should weigh at your specific age.  You may have an extremely dry or oily skin resulting from your poor eating habits.

Life after

Once you have completed with the program, you will be sensitive to the foods that you feed on. For example, you will not return to the routine of taking snacks and a lot of sugar and wine. Rather, you will take a new path to feed on healthy products. Your fat intake will be regulated. Also, you will begin to take more fluids for the benefit of your appearance.

Also, it is expected that after taking part in the HCG diet protocol, your weight and size will decrease. Your waistline will divide itself and it shall be quite distinct. If you had a lot of fats and a big belly and behind, it is expected that they will have reduced; your belly should be near to flat. Your hip bone will be distinct and not in the same line with your belly or waist. Generally, your skin will have a toned appearance.

You will be more energetic, healthier and happier.  In fact, most people report that after the program, they feel good and confident. Your mates will be able to observe the changes and appreciate the new you. Automatically, you will begin to sleep longer and appear to be younger. Then, you will be in position to maintain the healthy, lifestyle and you will help others to live healthily.